Passes Season pass Brunni  One-year pass Brunni Schneepass Zentralschweiz
Adult (20 +)        350.00 500.00 1130.00
Youth (16 to 19) 260.00 360.00 790.00
Child (6 to 15)    199.00** 199.00** 495.00
Piccolo (3 to 5)  129.00** - -
Senior (64 +)      310.00 480.00 1015.00
Adult (family pass) 300.00* 450.00* -
Youth (family pass) 210.00* 310.00* 710.00*
Child (family pass)          150.00* 150.00* 445.00*

(Family = min. one adult and one child or youth)

Schneepass Zentralschweiz:

Just one pass gives you access to 13 ski resorts and over 500 km of beautiful slopes! More information.

*Discount available for families: Child and youth passes must be purchased simultaneously with at least one Adult Snow Pass.  All family members must be resident at the same address.

** If you buy a ski season pass Brunni for a child untill the 25 December 2018, you get the rental for the ski equipment (skies, shoes, poles) for the same child for free (no snowboard). The ski equipmant has to be returned before 25th April 2019 to Achermann Sport in Stans or Engelberg.

Tariff provisions: Season and year passes (Brunni):

- The summer season pass brunni is valid from 5 May 2018 till 11 November 2018.
- The winter season pass Brunni is valid from 1 October 2018 till 17 March 2019.
- The one-year pass is valid for twelve months from the date of issue.
- The half-year pass (equal to the price of a season pass) is valid for six months from the date of issue.
- The passes are not valid for use with special offers and evening travel. The passes are valid for night skiing.