The following passes are valid throughout the Brunni area, including the Klostermatte and children’s play areas. 

Brunni day passes (prices vary depending on time
of purchase)
08.20 a.m.
up to midday from 11.45 a.m. after 2 p.m. 
Adult (20 +) 44 38 39 32
Youth (16 to 19) 30 26 27 22
Child (6 to 15) 22 19 20 16
Senior (64 +) 40 34 36 31
Piccolo (3 – 5) for Globi’s Winterland / Klostermatte   10  - 8  -
Brunni two-day pass (for use at 2 days over 7 consecutive days) 2 days
Adult (20 +) 76
Youth (16 to 19) 52
Child (6 to 15) 38
Senioren (ab 64 Jahre) 71

Families: Did you know that we also have great-value season passes for families? Have a look at the price list here.

Kinderland Yetipark: Entry to the Yeti Park on Ristis is free for anyone.

Nightskiing: Day tickets and passes are not valid for night skiing.

Tariff provisions for day and multi-day passes:

The multi-day passes are valid for seven days, starting on the date of purchase. The number of days purchased can only be redeemed within this period.

Senior = 64 and above

All prices are in CHF.
All prices include 7.7% VAT.
Not valid for use with special offers, evening travel and night skiing.

Please note the additional tariff provisions.

Because all day passes are issued as a chip card (hands-free system), an additional charge of CHF 5 per pass is required as a deposit with the purchase of a day pass. The deposit will be refunded when you return the chip card.