Via Ferratas

Engelberg is a via ferrata paradise! Climbing enthusiasts will love its six via ferratas, four of which are in the Brunni area. The via ferratas give many visitors the chance to try out mountain climbing and explore the spectacular scenery round Engelberg – great fun for advanced climbers, beginners and anyone in between. Unexperienced climbers are, however, advised to enlist the company of a mountain guide. Also, please note that the right equipment – helmet, climbing harness and safety rope – are essential.

Equipment rental prices: Via ferrata equipment can be rented from the Brunni cableways (Kräuterhütte). Set (helmet and climbing harness): CHF 20.00 per person.


   Via ferrata Level   Access   Ascent  Descent Total 
1 Brunnistöckli Easy K2 resp. B 15 min 45 min 20 min 1 h 20 min
2A Rigidalstockgrat Medium K3 resp. B/C 1.5 h 1 h 1.5 h 4 - 4.5 h
2B Rigidalstockwand Difficult K3-4 resp. C 1.5 h 1.5 h 1.5 h 4.5 - 5 h
3 Zittergrat Very difficult K4 resp. C/D 5 min 35 min 20 min 1 h