• Ristis-Holzghirmi-Brunnihütte

  • Brunnihütte

Follow part of the Brunni Trail up the natural path to Rigidalalp before making a short but very steep ascent up to Holzghirmi. Then the trail is more or less level as it continues on to the Brunnihütte at 1,860 metres above sea level. As an added bonus, you’ll get to pass by the “Rigidal Magic Hole”.

Tip: You can take part in Globi’s treasure hunt on this trail. Help Globi to get back the stolen pages from his book! More information



Duration ascent 1h 30min
descent 1h 20min
Route Ristis-Holzghirmi-Brunnihütte
Distance covered 4km
Difference in altitude 280m
Additional information The Berglodge Ristis and the Brunnihütte offers overnight accommodation.