• Brunnipfad

The educational “Brunni Trail” invites hikers on a unique round trip that meanders through magnificent Alpine meadows with an abundance of glorious floral displays and affords breathtaking panoramic views. Walkers wanting to cut the trail short can use the chairlift. Description of the two parts of the trail: Ristis – Holzghirmi – Brunnihütte and Brunnihütte – Rosenbold – Ristis




Duration 2h 30min
Distance covered 7km
Difference in altitude 300m

The trail offers an unforgettable hike through mountain habitat. To provide hikers with relevant facts about the natural world and how humans and nature interact, twelve large information boards covering a variety of topics are dotted along the trail – topics include the animal and plant kingdom, the Alpine forest, geology, and the relationship between tourism and the Alps. Plus, around 140 plants along the trail are labelled with small signs to draw attention to the great variety of plant species found in the Brunni area.

School trips

The Brunnipfad is the perfect choice for a field trip that is guaranteed to be both educational and fun – especially when the participants have a toboggan ride to look forward to afterwards! We have prepared a worksheet on the Brunnipfad for schools – a great educational resource. Detailed information on the individual topics is available in the 70-page Brunnipfad brochure, which can be borrowed from the shop. We are currently working on a new edition of the brochure, which should be ready for summer 2014.  


Load the locations of plants along the Brunni Trail as waypoints on your GPS. The download is a zipped (compressed) GPX file. Other file formats available: GPS-Daten



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