Härzlisee with Kitzeltrail

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Here’s something that should tickle your fancy: the Kitzeltrail (“tickle path”) by the Brunni mountain chairlift station takes you on a barefoot walk round idyllic Lake Härzlisee at 1,860 metres above sea level. This unique experience is suitable for visitors of all ages. Nurture your body, mind and soul, and let yourself be truly tickled by your surroundings.



Be revitalised with every stept you take on the Lake Härzlisee Kitzeltrail.


Immerse yourself in nature and improve your overall wellbeing on this highly enjoyable 220-metre trail, where you can sense and explore the different surfaces underfoot – sand, wood chip, pebbles, clay, water, and more. This foot massage of a most special kind stimulates blood flow in the feet and has a positive effect on the whole body, boosting the cardiovascular system, activating natural defences, and revitalising the body in accordance with traditional therapeutic Kneipp principles.


The Kitzeltopf basin pleasantly massages the feet with warm water, whilst the Chrüselitrog trough soothingly soaks arms in water alternating between warm and cold temperatures.


Alongside the Kitzeltrail, there is also a lakeside recreation area, where kids can let loose and play to their hearts’ content. The fire pits for barbecuing are close at hand, allowing parents to keep a close eye on their children and providing the perfect spot to linger and enjoy the view of the lake.


The Kitzeltrail is open from June to October in favourable weather conditions. For daily updates on whether the trail is open, see cableways.