Globi's treasure hunt

Globis treasure hunt is open!

Globi was on a journey in the heart of Switzerland and painted a picture of all his adventures. The bored pirate Engelbart stole all the adventures from the picture and with help of a curse he hid them in 10 untraceable treasure chests. Now nobody knows anymore about the adventures in Brunni and everybody has to be bored as well.

If you find the treasure chests you will also find out what to experience in Brunni!


How can you help Globi?


Of course, Engelbart, as befits a real pirate, drawn a treasure map for himself. On the treasure map, the 10 hiding places are numbered. On the solution note you will find an incomplete picture with 10 empty boxes. In each treasure chest is a stamp with an adventure, which you can stamp in the appropriate box. Every adventure you only need to stamp once.


If you have solved the treasure hunter license of CHF 5.-, collected all the stamps and completed the picture, go to the new Ristis shop, there is a great price per treasure hunter troupe!


I wish you good luck and thank you for your help!


Your Globi


Duration: about 2 hours

Route: Ristis-Rigidalalp-Brunnihütte and towards Rosenbold (or the other way around)

Cost: CHF 5.00 per group (1 price, number of participants unlimited)

Starting and finish point: Ristis or the Kräuterhut