Barefeet hiking trail

The barefoot hiking trail is open!

Freed feet do not only inspire the senses, it is good for your health too. Barefeet walking helps to avoid fatigue, even on ascending or descending trails in the mountains. The tickle-path around Härzlisee has been built in 2001 already. To the 15th jubilee of Härzlsiee, the barefeet hiking trail has been launched.

The barefeet hiking trail starts at Hüttismatt and heads up to Brunnihütte on a current hiking trail. In the middle of the 1000m long way the trail continues on the current (winter) sledding trail.

Caution: The barefoot hiking trail is a proper hiking path. For your own security please do always carry shoes with you and watch the soil. Thorns, insects roots and spiky stones can cause harms. People with certain diseases like diabetes, vascular diseases, or other allergies are requested to pay special attention or resign to walk without shoes. The perpetration of the barefeet hiking trail is at your own risk. The Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG refuse any liability.