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Construction of a cableway on the sunny side of Engelberg had been a long-cherished desire. Several potential locations were inspected, and on 23 February 1952 the cableway from Engelberg to Ristis opened at last. In the early days, twelve-seater cable cars brought passengers to Ristis and the Ristis Stübli, a cosy mountain restaurant bathed in sunlight. Over the next 50 years, a number of different conversions and expansions were required. The twelve-seater cabin was adapted to accommodate 40; the mountain and valley stations were modernised to cope with the extra numbers of visitors; and the Ristis mountain restaurant was built and later extended. Then, with the franchise up for renewal in 2010, the company starting thinking about renovating and extending the cableway network. Following a situation analysis, the company decided that a new cableway in a new location would be the best way to ensure the system could adequately meet future demands. A new cableway with a new route (and a cabin that holds 65 people) opened in December 2008.


Key dates in the history of Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG:


Issuing of the franchise to operate a cableway


Construction of a cableway with twelve-seater cabins


Opening of the cableway


Conversion of the cableway to carry 40-seater cabins


Construction of the restaurant in its current location


Extension of the restaurant


Conversion of the mountain station


Renovation of the machine room and of the electrical equipment, including the control unit and cableway monitoring facilities (first stage of the expansion)


Renovation of a subsection of the line: The masts were made higher and stronger; new saddles were installed in the stations; the cable was replaced; new running gears and cabins were fitted (second stage of the expansion).


Construction/expansion of the valley station with a new entrance, foyer and ticket desks, and an office on the first floor; switch to automatic operation of the cableway


Redesign of the middle section of the Bergrestaurant Ristsi with new furnishings


Construction and expansion of the existing restaurant building to the northeast, including interior design


Redesign/renovation of the toilet facilities in the basement of the restaurant


Acquisition of Skilifte Klostermatte AG


Replacement of the snow cannons


19 December 2008: Opening of the new cableway


Takeover of Brunni Sessel- und Skilift AG


Renovation of the Klostermatte ski lifts


Merger of Luftseilbahn Engelberg-Brunni AG


and Brunni Sessel- und Skilift AG


Complete overhaul of Schonegg ski lift


Luftseilbahn Engelberg-Brunni AG takes over the management of Bergrestaurant Ristis


14 December: Opening of OX family restaurant on the Klostermatte


Renaming the company from "Luftseilbahn Engelberg-Brunni AG" to "Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG"

A short account of Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG was written to mark the company’s 50th anniversary. This describes the history of the cableway in greater detail. Copies are available from Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg AG.