• Ristis-Schwand-Engelberg

  • Gasthaus Schwand

This beautiful half-day hike takes you down the broad and pram-friendly path from Ristis via the Schwand and to Engelberg. For an extra break along the way, you can stop off at Gasthaus Schwand.

The ascent from Engelberg leads you up Terraceweg to Hotel Waldegg. From here the mountain road winds through the forest, leading gently up to the Schwand. After a few curves in the road, you will reach the Spisboden crossroads, where a pleasant picnic terrace invites you to take a scenic break.


Duration ascent 2h 45min
descent 2h 15min
Route Ristis-Schwand-Engelberg
Distance covered 10km
Difference in altitude 600m
Additional information suitable for prams