Heilkräuter (medicinal herbs) Trails

  • Heilkräuterwege

There are two different routes you can take to discover medicinal plants in their natural environment – one route leads around beautiful Lake Härzlisee and the other takes walkers on a scenic trail uphill from the chairlift station. An information sheet provides additional facts about the labelled plant species along the trails.

For generations, mountain-dwellers have acquired, cultivated and passed on extensive knowledge of Alpine herbs. The Brunni Heilkräuter Trails have been designed to preserve the valuable lessons learned from folk medicine and to relate them to scientific findings.

The information about the effects of the herbs has mainly been taken from literature on folk medicine or is based on knowledge and experience handed down through generations in the local community.

You will find the Kräuterhütte – a small stand selling bratwurst, other snacks and drinks – right by Lake Härzlisee. Home-made regional specialities are also sold there.

We would like to thank Barbara Suter and Richard Bolli (CÀRICA GmbH) for their contribution. We would not have been able to lay the Heilkräuter Trails and produce the professional-standard documentation without their valuable help and support.