Globi's treasure hunt

Globi' treasurehunt is open till 12th November 2017. Globi will be back in spring 2018 with a new exciting story and new treasurs to find

Stories from Globi’s book Globi im Wilden Westen have been stolen. The 11 stories are hidden in treasure chests. These treasure chests are hidden along the barefoot trail from Ristis towards the Brunnihütte. Globi gets his stories back when he filles in a crossword puzzle. The answers of the puzzle are hidden in the treasure chests.

Globi needs urgently your help!

Collect your treasure map and question sheet from the Globi Kiosk (or from the Berglodge Restaurant Ristis). Once you have them, you are ready to begin the hunt for the eleven hidden treasure chests, where you will discover the hidden letters! Once you’ve found all the letters, put them in the right order to reveal the password. The password is a clue to help you find Globi’s treasure. Per treasurehunt group one price is included

Duration about 2 hours
Route along the barefoot trail
Cost CHF 5.00 per group (1 price, number of participants unlimited)
Starting and finish point The Globi kiosk or the Berglodge Restaurant Ristis

Additional information: Globi's treasure hunt isn't suitable for prams.