Globi's treasure hunt

Globi' treasurehunt will be open again from end of May 2019 onwards.

Globi’s treasurehunt

Globi is on his way far away to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Globi searches a pirate treasure from pirate La Buse that hasn’t been found for over 250 years. 

Globi needs your help to finally find the pirate treasure!

How can you help Globi?

With the treasure map and a infosheet you can start with the treasure hunt. There are 11 numbered treasure chests on the map showing you where they are located.

In every chest you find a multiple-choice question, if you know the right answer, fill in the letter in front of the right answer on the backside of the infosheet by the right number. With all the letters of the right answers you will get the solution where you can find the pirate treasure.

Did you get the solution? Great! Go to Globis-Kiosk or to the Berglodge Restaurant Ristis. For every completely filled out questionnaire and the paid fee of CHF 5.00 you’ll get one great price per treasurehunt group

(an extra price costs CHF 5.00)

Good luck and thank you for your help!        

Duration: about 2 hours

Route: unknown

Cost: CHF 5.00 per group (1 price, number of participants unlimited)

Starting and finish point: unknown

Additional information: unknown