Barbecues & picnics

Fire pits are available at the following locations:


five minutes from Ristis coming from Rigidalalp
2 Brunnihütte – Härzlisee
behind the chairlift mountain station
3 Rickwald
at the Brunnipfad below Rosenbold Alp
4 Schletterenwald
On the Ristis - Ried - Horbis - Engelberg trail
5 Walenalp "Swiss Family Fire Pit"
midway on the Walenpfad
6 Spiesboden picnic area
midway on the Ristis - Schwand trail
7 Globi's Wild Water World
at the summer toboggan run in Globi's Wild Water World

New: Fire pit in the forest
20 m below the playground Ristis among the shades of the trees